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In the Verse by Verse Messages section above, each audio message is approximately 15 minutes  and works through the Bible verse by verse. This is the way the Word was originally written and read rather than from a topical approach. A verse by verse approach prevents one from becoming a selective reader or hearer and from sliding into one’s own pet doctrines.


Air Mail from God starts with “What does it say?”  It is apolitical and independent of any particular denomination.   It does not come from and is not pressed into the mold of bureaucratic religiosity. All has been done for God, for love, for you, and for free, and represents 50 years of accumulated Spiritual Treasure.


Each message unpacks and breaks down books of the Bible by chapter and verse.  Included are biblical quotes, cross references, practical application for today, as well as historical and culture aspects.


Nothing here is protected by copyright so please feel free to share or download any of the messages. Please do not change any of the wording and do not charge for copies beyond the cost of reproduction. Please include a reference to AirMailFromGod.org.


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Did you know? The Bible is the world’s most shoplifted book