Ted-and-Gerti-2013-1132_3218-web-ready Ted Gray, is a retired electrician living in Bellingham Washington with his lovely wife Gerda. They have each prayerfully studied the Bible daily for more than 50 years, and live their lives joyfully committed to the Lord.  Both eschew attention on themselves, but instead work tirelessly to keep all attention and glory on the Lord.In the messages on the airmailfromgod.org website Ted stays on point: To help listeners and readers learn about and understand God’s messages to the world as given to us in the Bible; God’s inerrant word.Ted loves to share the spiritual treasure God has so graciously shared with him over the years, and welcomes questions and comments: He personally answers each and every one.

Glory to God for All Things!

Romans 11:33-36




  1. Deborah

    Ted, I hear you on Sunday mornings over KCIS in Edmonds, Washington. I cannot find any disagreement with what you have to say regarding Scripture. Blessings to you and thank you for those messages!

    • admin

      Thank you Deborah

      Unfortunately we went off the air due to budget restrains, but you can hear all 350 messages on our website, I am 77 and need to decrease,

  2. thomas

    Just missed sunday morning message. Something to do with “walking in god”
    where is the audio clip on your website?

  3. George

    Happy New Year Ted and Gerti.

    Every evening I now listen to your radio sermons from your website. I have forwarded your site to friends in England so the message can be spread. Your way of preaching and delivering His truth is masterful and without apology. You speak straight to the point an I feel the Holy Spirit in your words. Simply put, the truth and nothing bit the truth. You are super-articulate without a loss for words.

    On day when I am in Bellingham I like to meet you and say hello in person.

    God Bless you both and your ministry

    In Jesus

    • admin

      Thank you George, I don’t deserve those uplifting words, but I am so glad that you are edified and are spreading the word all the way to Briton,Yey!

      Blessings on your house.Keep us posted.


      • admin

        Good to heat from you, brother, hope you find it easy to use,
        if not just contact me and we can run through it.


  4. George

    I first listened to your program a few years ago on KARI radio Blaine, Washington. I am from Vanvouver, Canada. You simply tell it like it is. That is the way the Gospel should be preached. BTW I always thought you were German.

    Praise The Lord


  5. Byrna B.

    Don and I pray for you every day.
    We thank the Lord for blessing your work
    of reaching souls for Him. Thank you for
    being so faithful to Him all these years.
    Tell Gerdi hello for us.

  6. David Grau

    we send many greetings to you! Actually we are sitting in our living room an listen to your music.
    many greetings from your nephew and my wife
    yours David & Dorothea Grau

    • admin

      Well thank you David and Dorothea,
      I am so glad to see that we reach int Germany and that you are hearing some good music, Ha, ha, ha.

      The family of God is truly world wide, see, God invented the internet, He linked the world wide church together through the Spirit.
      When is the baby due?
      Many blessings to you and all our German brothers and sisters there,
      Jude 24,25

      the Grays

  7. JoAnn

    My husband and I love listening to your broadcast on Kcis 630 am as we get ready for church. Your solid Biblical instruction seems right with scripture. We have only one disagreement between us. I say you are of Scandinavian descent and my husband says otherwise, perhaps German. Can you answer this for us?

    • admin

      THANK YOU JoAnn,
      I am glad you are getting something out of this.
      And I am very glad that your disagreement is over such a minor issue and so easy to resolve.
      German is the correct answer!
      But now I am citizen of heaven, American citizen and was German electrician many years ago.
      blessings to you both and let me hear once in a while how it sounds from your end.


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