These exhibits are referenced throughout Air Mail from God messages. They are also equally helpful on their own as Bible Study Aids.



Exhibit 1

Quick Reference Guide to the Chronology of the New Testatment



Exhibit 2

19 of the 27 Books of the Bible Are Addressed to Christians


 Exhibit 3

 Bible Study in 4 Easy Steps







  1. Name-Withheld

    Pretrib, midtrib, post trib, prewrath, which do you think is correct? Do you have a teaching on this? Why does it seem like the Bible is so unclear? If you think we have to go through some of the tribulation, or what comes before a pre wrath, are we supposed to be getting ready by stocking food etc? If we do stock food etc, are we not trusting in the Lord to provide?

    • admin

      Dear Noname.
      I strongly hope for the Pretrib Rapture.
      I hold it loosely however.
      God in his wisdom left it to be taken this way or that way in regards to timing but not in regards to the certainty of his coming. Maybe he is saying:” Be content with what you have?”
      As to food storage, we have about a month worth in the freezer, the first thing to rot.
      I don’t hold it against anyone who stores a lot of food, the farmer stores stuff over winter, the bees store honey for the winter, Israel stored manna over the Sabbath. Joseph stored grain for 7 years. That’s one site.
      But Jesus told us not to lay up treasures on earth and give no thought of tomorrow. And not even to fear those who can kill this body. That’s the other side, my preferred side, but I am not in good enough compliance myself in this. I think the Spirit has to give us some more enlightenment on this, I am listening.


  2. Name withheld

    You mention “rewards” but I never hear about this anywhere else. Can you explain where in the Bible it talks about these rewards? Do you have a teaching on this?

    • admin

      Well certainly,Our good God is rich and generous.We list about 40 scriptures promising us rewards for doing good,on our Exhibit no 4 of AIRMAILFROMGOD.ORG


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