Messages from the Book of 2 John

Second John is the 25th book of the Bible’s New Testament and is written to a house-church by John, “the disciple whom Jesus Loved”.  In this epistle John exposes the Gnostics, the false prophets, and the anti-christs which were slowly making their way into the house-church.   John exhorts them to walk in the Truth and to prove their love by walking in the commandments.  Hospitality has to be – he says, and those who do not abide in the doctrine of Christ are not saved.

Audio Chapter and Verse Name of Message # of Message PDF
  2 John 1-3 The Wise Eskimo  550
2 John 3-6 The Spirit Walks  551
2 John 8-13 No Contact Order 552
2 John 8-13 No Contact Order From God 553


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