Messages from the Book of 2 Peter

Second Peter is the 20th New Testament book of the Bible written.  In it, the apostle Peter writes about the great christian virtues.  He explains that this is not a made-up story and that he saw when Christ was on the mountain and God called Jesus “My Son”.  Prophetic scriptures are to be exhaulted.  Peter warns against false teachers who do not have the Spirit and encourages them with the Second Coming, the new Heaven, and the new Earth.

Audio Chapter and Verse Name of Message # of Message PDF
 2 Peter 1:1-2 They Call Us Dimwits 401  pdf
  2 Peter 1:3-11 The Output of Christians is Fruit 402  pdf
 2 Peter 1:12-18 Truth Decay 403  pdf
 2 Peter 1:19-2:8 Don’t Be Duped 404  pdf
 2 Peter 2:9-16 The Lord is Our Keeper 405  pdf
 2 Peter 2:17-22 FREE to Serve God 406  pdf
  2 Peter 3:1-6 Not Girlie-Man Christianity  407  pdf
 2 Peter 3:7-11 The Day of the Lord  408  pdf
 2 Peter 3:12-18 Surviving in a Destroyed World 409  pdf

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