Messages from the Book of 3 John

Third John is chronologically the 26th to be written of the Bible’s New Testament.  It was written as a letter to the beloved Gaius by John and in it he praises the Church for walking in truth and for outfitting missionaries.  But there is a problem:  Deotrophes, the church-bully does not allow the apostles in.

Audio Chapter and Verse Name of Message # of Message PDF
3 John 1-6 A Prosperous Soul 560
3 John  5-8  Loving Hospitality 561
3 John 9-14  How We Reject the Apostles 562



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      Heaven by Randy Alcorn, End Times scenario books – I like missionary books too like author Bruce Olson, one title is Bruchko. Another good one that Gerdi likes is City of Tranquil Light. Another title is David Livingston.

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