Messages from the Book of James

The book of James was written by the half brother of Jesus and was the first New Testament book of the Bible to be written. James teaches that faith is the cause of salvation and works are the effect.  He defines pure Christianity and explains that one test of faith is one’s control over the tongue.  He rebukes those who become rich by defrauding the poor and shows how to restore a wandering Christian.

Audio Chapter and Verse Name of Message # of Message PDF
James 1:1-3 The Best Servants are Humble and Obedient 601  
 James 1:3-5 Godly Wisdom is Received from God 602  
 James 1:6-8 Faith Has to Believe What God Says  603  
 James 1:9-10 The Low Brother is Encouraged to Rejoice 604
James 1:11-16 There is a Blessing in Enduring Temptation 605  
 James 1:18-26 Does of the Word – Not Hearers, are Blessed 606  
 James 1:27-2:6 True Religion is Caring for the Poor, Fatherless and Suffering 607  
James 2:5-11 Showing Favor Only to the Rich is NOT Keeping the Royal Law 608  
James 2:12-19 The New Law of Liberty 609  
James 2:20-3:2 Faith is Invisible but Works are Visible 610
James 3:2-13 Tongue Control God’s Way 611
James 3:13-18 The Servant is the Greatest 612
 James 4:4-7 There is Spiritual Adultery God Says 613
James 4:8 Try the Spirits – God Helps with Annointing 614
James 4:8-9 To be Near God is to be in the Bible 615
James 4:10-12 We do the Humbling – God the Lifting Up 616
James 4:13-17 Ask God to Plan Your Days 617
James 5:1-5 Good Advice for the Rich 618
James 5:6-9 This is the Last Time, So Live for God 619
 James 5:10-13 Do Not Swear but Mean Your Yes and No 620
 James 4:14-20 Is Any One Sick?  Call an Elder 621

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