Messages from the Book of Jude

Jude is the 21st book of the Bible’s New Testament and confronts apostasy and recounts historical examples of unbelief and rebellion.  False teachers are described and Christians are exhorted in their Christian walk.

Audio Chapter and Verse Name of Message # of Message PDF
Jude 1-2 Spiritual Dumpster Diving 701  pdf
Jude 3 Devils in Light 702
Jude 4-5 Perils of SELECTIVE Teaching 703  pdf
Jude 6-9 God Hates SOME People 704  pdf
Jude 9-10 Cruising Through Anti-Christ Country 705  pdf
Jude 11 No Way, We Do This OUR Way  706  pdf
Jude 12-21 Jesus Came to Bring DIVISION 707  pdf
Jude 22-25 Keep YOURSELVES 708 pdf


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