Sweetie and Marian – Missionaries in India

God Is So Good: ”Devudu Chalaa Munchivadu”

Marian, a teacher, and his wife Sweetie, were called by the Lord in 2004 to minister and care for the lost orphans, widows, destitute, and sick, in the remote village of Beeramgunta located 18 kilometers from their home of Ogole, India.  God has blessed their work mightily! They now have a small church there where they hold weekly services, and many have been baptized and have turned their lives over to the Lord.

In addition to calling these people to the Lord, Sweetie and Marian provide clothing, medicine, Bibles, and assistance in every way they can, including fulltime care for 28 of the village’s orphans.  The Lord willing, they will build an orphange and school.

Please pray for them, visit them, email them, or support them as the Lord leads you.

Read about how Marian and Sweetie are following God’s Will in India:

You can contact Sweetie and Marian directly at:  sweetiemarian{at sign}yahoo.com,
or contact Ted Gray at tedgray{at sign}clearwire.net for more information  on the many ways you can help support this worthy mission where 100% of your donations, financial or otherwise, go directly to the mission.

James 1:27

The pictures below show Marian and Sweetie ministering to orphans, widows and street children near Ongole, India. Ted visited them in 2010.



  1. Tom Selk

    It was a blessing to read about your missionaries in India. To see the pictures of Sweetie and Marion and what they are doing. I well pray for them. I had the opportunity to go to the state of Kerala in India and see a church that was build there by my church. We were invited to see the church. There were about seven of us that were able to go. What a blessing! I fell in love with the people their! I still write to a preacher there. Let me know when you go back and put me in your suitcase! Ha! The people where I visit them want me to come back and visit them again. I’m praying this well come true. It well be great to see your missionaries at work and to be with them. In God’s Love Tom

  2. Scott

    Sweetie and Marian are wonderful! Contact them and they will tell you of all the wonderful things the Lord is doing around them. I hope to visit them someday soon.

    • admin

      Thank you Scott,
      my love rejoices that my favorite missionary couple gets some attention.

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