Wanted: Volunteers to transcribe Air Mail from God audio messages


Are you or someone you know looking for a way to serve the Lord from home?  AirMailfromGod.org is looking for additional volunteers to transcribe its audio messages.  All you need is a computer, the ability to listen to an assigned message and to type what you hear (and fairly good grammar).

If interested, please contact Ted at: tedgray38(at sign)clearwire.net for more information, or use the contact us form

Thank You!


  1. Lory Bianco

    I would love to volunteer to transcribe for your ministry. I heard your broadcast today and was very inspired. Thank you for all you do for the Lord. God’s blessings..

  2. Lory

    I would love to help you, thanks for your ministry, your radio broadcast really inspired me today. God’s blessings..hugs..

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